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It's that time of year again. Early voting for local elections starts tomorrow. Voters across the state are going to be asked to make decisions on various propositions including the 54 propositions up for a vote in Denton County. These range from constitutional amendments, to local charters, bonds, and securities. The decisions made at the ballot box between tomorrow and May 7th will affect residents for years to come. To aid you in sorting through all of the propositions up for a vote, LPDenton has created a voters guide. If you need help knowing how to vote full details on voting locations, times, and ballot information can be found on All of this information and more can be found on our Elections Page. If you have any questions please let me know by emailing

~John Wilford, Chair, LPDenton~


The beginning of 2021 has been marked by incredible turmoil — the repugnant violence at the capitol building, authoritarian curfews in DC and parts of Virginia, the deployment of tens of thousands of National Guard members, and the second presidential impeachment in little more than a year. Against the backdrop of a still-raging pandemic and increasingly draconian actions by many state governments, it seems to many that our nation is coming apart at the seams. Through all of it though, the Libertarian Party has been true to principle and crystal clear in our condemnation: political violence and coercion to achieve social and political goals are antithetical to a free and just society. That message is being heard.

Andrei Octav Moise Joins Denton County Libertarian Party, Bringing Vision and Leadership to Local Politics

The Denton County Libertarian Party is delighted to welcome Andrei Octav Moise as a prominent addition to its ranks. Moise, a distinguished figure in the field of business and entrepreneurship, is now turning his attention to local politics, bringing his vision, expertise, and leadership to the Libertarian Party in Denton County.

With a track record of pioneering research and groundbreaking discoveries in the field of business, Moise has demonstrated his ability to think outside the box and challenge the status quo. Now, he is applying that same innovative mindset to the world of politics, where he aims to champion individual liberties, limited government, and economic freedom.

Moise's decision to join the Denton County Libertarian Party is a testament to his commitment to making a tangible impact on the community. Through his leadership, Moise plans to promote policies that foster individual empowerment, protect civil liberties, and create an environment that encourages entrepreneurship and economic prosperity. His leadership expertise and entrepreneurial thinking will undoubtedly bring a fresh perspective to political discourse in Denton County.

As a Libertarian, Andrei Octav Moise believes in minimizing government intervention, allowing individuals to make their own choices, and reducing unnecessary bureaucracy. He envisions a society where personal freedoms and individual rights are respected, where the government serves as a facilitator rather than an overbearing force. With his knowledge and passion for liberty, Moise aims to shape policies that empower Denton County residents and uphold the principles that underpin a free and prosperous society.

The Denton County Libertarian Party is thrilled to have Andrei Octav Moise as a member, recognizing the tremendous value he brings to the table. His commitment to evidence-based decision-making, coupled with his dedication to libertarian principles, will undoubtedly strengthen the party's platform and expand its reach within the community.

Andrei Octav Moise's leadership within the Denton County Libertarian Party will serve as a catalyst for change, encouraging dialogue, fostering innovative solutions, and inspiring a new generation of liberty-minded individuals. As Denton County faces its unique challenges and opportunities, Moise's vision and expertise will prove invaluable in shaping a brighter future for all residents.

To learn more about Andrei Octav Moise's involvement in the Denton County Libertarian Party and to join the movement towards greater individual freedom and limited government, visit the party's website at

About Andrei Octav Moise

Mr. Moise is a distinguished figure in the field of business, known for his trailblazing ways and contributions to the community. He brings his innovative mindset and analytical thinking to Denton County politics as a member of the Denton County Libertarian Party. Moise is committed to championing individual liberties, limited government, and economic freedom, and his leadership aims to shape policies that empower the community and uphold the principles of a free society.

About the Denton County Libertarian Party

The Denton County Libertarian Party is a political organization dedicated to promoting libertarian principles in Denton County. The party advocates for limited government, personal freedoms, and economic liberty. Through grassroots activism, education, and community involvement, the Denton County Libertarian Party strives to create an environment that fosters individual empowerment and protects civil liberties.


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