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My Dog Did Me A Favor

I have an older dog.  She insists on being walked every day.  In other words, I get no peace unless I do.  Now for me, dog walks are the most boring things.  She has an interest in all the natural world.  It is all new to her each and every day.  I get tired of the same old scenery. I tried entering into the spirit of the thing, since I was getting exercise too and enjoying the great outdoors.  That worked for a little while. 

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Say it with Me: Television is a Right! (Pt.2)

Everyone has the right to a television in the United States. It is a right just like the right to practice the religion you want or speak your mind freely or publish news articles. Why is it a right? There is nothing in the US constitution giving the State the power to limit my access to a television. In fact, last time I checked, the word "television" does not even appear in the US constitution.

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Elect James Felber for Denton County Commissioner Precinct 2

Denton County, TX, 4 JULY 2017 - Two hundred and forty one years ago today our forefathers set us on a course of action that would require great sacrifice to overthrow the chains of a King that were upon what would later become the United States of America. While we have removed the yoke of King George from our necks nearly a quarter of a millennial ago, we have become y

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I Almost Feel Sorry for Congress

Way back when I was an undergrad in Chemistry, I did laboratory work with Heteropolytungstates in an aqueous environment.  Don’t let the jargon put you off.  Hetero means different.  Poly means many.  Tungstates are combinations of tungsten and oxygen.  In other words, these were really big molecules with many different elements in them.  Aqueous environment simply means in water.  I have forgotten what it was I was actually trying to accomplish (something to do with paints and coatings) but I did produce a lot of pretty colored stuff.

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Libertarian candidate makes fourth run for Congress in Dist. 26

Five main party candidates have declared they will run for the District 26 congressional seat against Michael Burgess, R-Texas, 16 months before next November’s election. While that may seem early, that’s nothing compared to Libertarian party candidate Mark Boler. He’s been running for this position for eight years.

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To differentiate, to make a distinction

Before I get started in what I hope will be a fine diatribe, let me say that I hold nothing against people who don’t vote, pretty much no matter what the reason.  I have thought about it long and hard and I don’t blame you.  However, I am not among you. 

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