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The Party of Principle. Not Fear.

Fear plays into every decision we make. It motivates us in our jobs, fearful of unemployment. It motivates our religions, fearful of the afterlife. Fear moves us in who we choose to follow as leaders for they will surely guide us to safety.
There’s something compelling then that has drawn each one of us to the concept of Liberty.  We Libertarians dispel fear and replace it with principles. Our Principles motivate us at work. Our Principles motivate our religious beliefs for if we are good we shall reap the benefits. Our Principles drive us to select leaders who do not guide with Fear, but perseverance and stature. This is why we should share our vision of the world with others. The Democrats and Republicans have all but brainwashed the public into terror to extract power from them. This is why we must be vigilant in our pursuit of politics. The people in your neighborhoods and communities deserve to live in a world free of fear.
If you’re saying to yourself, “wow that’s a little much” . Think about how it must be to hear about our politics from the outside! It’s no longer acceptable for those of us in this “party of principle” to stand aside and be beaten at the ballot by fear mongering agenda pushers void of compassion and faith in their fellow man.  How can we stand by with our principles so deeply engrained and watch our communities sink back into their homes terrified of the world outside? Terrified of their own neighbors. There is freedom to be had. And we are the only Party who stands by all freedoms for all people all of the time. We are the Political arm of this movement and it is up to us to Lead without fear, but with principle.

In Liberty,