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This is a Problem

In these tumultuous times, our elected representatives must be willing to listen to all sides of the argument. When they don't, resentment for those representatives form and constituents grow more and more frustrated. Ron Simmons, the architect of the Texas Legislature’s bathroom bills, has been blocking Denton County residents on Twitter who have tried to share their concerns over the bill with him. And in his quest to isolate himself from his constituency, he has blocked the Libertarian Party of Denton County. Why? We expressed our disagreement with his bills. Unfortunately, we were unaware of this until a day ago.

The tweet in question

The tweet in question

When we tried to reach out again yesterday in preparation for the special session, this is the screen we were greeted with.


We are not just one person. We represent thousands of conservatives and libertarians in Denton County. We represent the principles held by thousands of Texans and millions of Americans of truly limited government. We challenge Ron Simmons to listen to his constituency. We are ready to have this conversation.