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I'll Find Another Baker, Thanks.

I'm a bisexual man and I don't want to give a homophobe my money.

Why does this fight have to be over cakes? Couldn't it be over something bigger? Like a housing development or something like that? Something that would raise some real questions about equality? But no. Its just cake. A wedding cake. I hate that this legal/cultural battle is being fought over cakes. It all seems so trivial.

I'll never understand that mentality. Why would you want the State to force an individual who disagrees with your very existence to take your money? I remember a few years ago, when the CEO of Chick-Fil-A said in an interview that he was against gay marriage. And what's more: Company profits were being donated to anti-gay marriage groups. I was so disappointed. Chick-Fil-A is one of the best fast food restaurants in America, hands down. The spicy chicken sandwich is the best chicken sandwich you can get anywhere and its not even close. But I stopped going. Why would I want to continue to line the CEO's pockets knowing that he didn't think I had the right to marry who I wanted? I didn't go back to Chick-Fil-A for years. Did my silent protest change anything? Probably not. But it was my money. I didn't go back until about a year after the SCOTUS case that guaranteed my right to marry who I wanted. And only then, it was after I checked to make sure the money wasn't going to try and overturn the decision. If it is, I'll stop going all over again.

A small bakery declined to make a wedding cake for a gay couple in Colorado a few years ago. I feel for that gay couple. I really do. I know what it's like to be denied all kinds of things on the basis of sexuality. Back in high school, some folks tried to rough me up because of it. This Colorado case is going to the Supreme Court soon. Trying to figure out if the baker violated civil rights by refusing to bake the cake on the basis of their sexuality.

It might be controversial to say in the queer community, but I'll say it. The Supreme Court should rule in favor of the baker. I don't believe it is my right to use the violence of government to force someone to provide me with labor. There is a name for that: conscription. Or as it should be called: slavery. 

For centuries, queer people in America have endured hatred and violence. Close to all of it was at the hands of the State. Probably the most important moment in the fight for gay rights was the Stonewall Riots. Those riots weren't about gay marriage. They weren't about cakes. It was about State Violence. It was criminal to be gay, bi, trans, etc. For years, queer people were subjected to mental institutions, prisons, forced therapy for our orientation all at the end of the State's gun. Why would I want to do the same to someone else? I know the painful history. I've lived part of it. Now, that baker might think I belong in Hell for my sexuality, but that's no excuse. He causes no physical harm to me or my property. It may be wrong for him to refuse service to me, but it's wrong for me to force him to make it. 

How is it a victory to walk into that shop, knowing he can't deny me, and forcing him to take my money? He has, and should have, the right to refuse service to me. And I want him to. I don't want a homophobe to get my money. I don't do business with homophobes. Nor do I do business with racists, transphobes, or sexists. If I know they're a bigot, why would I want to help their business thrive? Sure, my silent protest and boycott might not change their minds. But what does it matter? I'll find someone who isn't a bigot. And if you care about this case, I suggest you do the same. Let him not bake the cake. And find a better one.

-David Rohde

P.S. I can already hear people saying "But schools and etc." The government has no right to discriminate. Period. End of discussion.