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Precinct Rep Application

Become A Precinct Representative

What is a Precinct Rep?

Our Precinct Reps serve as boots on the ground at the front lines of our neighborhoods. Often times they are even the first impression some folks have to the Libertarian Party ! They play a vital role by representing their voting precinct at Executive Committee meetings and even more important for grass-roots growth of our party. Isn't it about time we took back Denton County? If you want be a part of this cause and effect change, Join us. 

What does a Precinct Rep Do?

 Seek out and registering voters in your district

 Inform voters about The Denton County Libertarian Party and our events through Social Media

 Gather Local District Priorities and work with the Committee to create Action Plans

 Attend County Executive Committee meetings

 Work Election Polls and recruit others to help


What are the qualifications?

 Be a resident of the district you are applying to

 Be a registered voter in Denton County

 Be a member of the Texas Libertarian Party

 Be available for Executive Committee Meetings and other community events

 Be certified to register voters in Denton County *


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